Independent Scentsy Consultants in St. Louis, Missouri (husband & wife team)

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My name is Trina Howard. I have been an Independent Scentsy Consultant since August 2017. I was a loyal customer for a little over a year and enjoyed the product so much I decided to become a consultant. I was a user of other scented wax brands and was introduced to Scentsy at work by a coworker.

I selected a few different scents to smell, purchased and gave them a try. I was sold and converted over to Scentsy permanently.  From that day forward it was history, I'm hooked on Scentsy.

In 2019, my husband Bruce Howard whom I refer to as hubby partnered with me which resulted in our hubby and wifey team. Scentsy, Inc. is a member of the Direct Sales Association, visit to learn more. We love sharing tips, ideas and information about fragrances, Scentsy products and services. Whether Scentsy is or isn't for you we want to ensure that we provide the best customer service to you. 

We love scents and sharing fragrance information to help you on your fragrance journey. 

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Scentsy fragrances are complex, each fragrance is composed of 30 to 60 unique ingredients to create beautifully layered scents that unfold over time. We offer over 80 fragrances all year-round. As an Independent Scentsy Consultant we are here to help you with your everyday fragrance needs for your home, business, school, travel and more. 

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